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— Quality bags made for active life since 1921 —

Our company will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary.

Yuya UNO
President of Unofuku

These are so many years for our reputation to be kept pristine, so many challenges we sometimes had to overcome, so many years to stay competitive and so many of our bags which have been carried.

Each stage has required a specific value to prevail, namely: respect, sincerity, versatility and consistency. We will strive to keep on applying this recipe to resilience through time and be prepared to meet the challenges ahead of us.

Nonetheless, we are living a thrilling time to which Unofuku is adapting to like every other company. The digital economy is offering different perspectives, which comes to increased responsibilities to comply with labour best practices and environment protection, just to name these two.

Meanwhile, I personally welcome you as our guest visiting our website. Hope you are enjoying the visit and our products, please do not hesitate to contact us or share with us your feedback.

Yours truly,

Yuya UNO
President of Unofuku

Toyooka, our Head Office.

Our Head Office comprises of 2,000 sqm floor area, with 32 employees. It is located in Toyooka, in the Hyogo Prefecture, where 70% of Japan’s bags production comes from. The proximity with our craftsmen and suppliers has highly benefited to the quality of our bags, while the communication around Toyooka Caban Street, meaning “bag street”, has contributed to the reputation of our Industry.

In addition to this industrial background, the city also benefits from a strong Touristic appeal, thanks to Takeno beach, Kannabe ski station and the natural hot water Onsen of Kinosaki, all within a 30 minutes’ drive.

Our environment has been eco-friendly here for decades. The city breeds and raises a protected variety of white storks, thanks to important rice fields surrounding the city focusing on organic methods.