Unofuku owes its name to its Founder named Fukukichi Uno, who was trading trunks across Japan. He observed during a travel to Toyooka, Japan’s capital of bags production, that skilled craftsmen were keeping their know-how secrets within their family and the bags made were the results of either one of the different skills. Convinced that he could do things differently, the company was born in 1921 combining different skills in the manufacturing process of his designs and quickly made his reputation nationwide.

A label

behind the brand

By keeping a very close relationship with its customers, Unofuku permanently adapts the collections to the different markets. This strategy implies to work with different makers and source prime materials throughout Japan and also across the world.

Either way, consistency is the key and versatile one has to be. The quality controls are systematic and so is the method, our suppliers have become long term partners and so are our customers.


The first Unofuku bags’ designs were mainly trunks made of a traditional willow called “Yanagi”. This material had the particularity to protect the contents away from humidity and bugs, making it the perfect recipient for clothes or even rice at a time when such storage was a necessity.

With this background always in mind, Unofuku bags’ designs and materials have been constantly adapted with one main focus: to meet the function.

Refined materials.

As an iron fist in a velvet glove, Unofuku extensively uses traditional materials such as leathers of Tajima Cattles sourced within the Kobe area and the Hyogo Prefecture. Some of our bags handles can also receive a special treatment using wood of “Sakura”, Japan’s cherry blossom. Our origin is our identity our Japanese Katakana alphabet is also used to display our brand’s name in a subtle way.

Ethical &

Being able to look back as far as nearly a century ago, gives us the responsibility to look equally as far forward. Whether it comes to engaging with our customers, employees and suppliers, we aim for the long term. Unofuku is highly committed to complying with labour best practises and environment protection whether in Japan, or in the different foreign countries we operate. Sustainable is our permanent goal.