"A Venture Company in its 100th year."
This is our internal slogan since 2020.

We,are not an "ancient" organization like a long-established company, but can communicate our opinions with respect for all attributes.

We, are not too flat organization like a venture company, but have grateful civility and then help each other.
And the most important thing is to "enrich the lives of employees and their families," as stated in our management philosophy.
Management and managers are always aware of the work-life balance of employees, including themselves.
In all positions, there is almost no overtime or holiday work, and instead, they act to fulfill their own and their team's commitments while managing themselves well during working hours.

Recruitment Schedule

Unofuku's hiring process is based on internship for both new graduates and mid-career workers, eliminating the typical interview and examination process.
This is done to avoid mismatching between the prospective employer and us, and to ensure that we have a better understanding of each other before the first day of work.

This is our two-step hiring process.

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