May 1921 Our founder, Fukukichi Uno, established the travel agency Uno Shoten (a private company) at 151 Daikaishinishi, Toyooka-cho.
June 1955 The company was reorganized to be a joint-stock company with capital of 2 million yen.
June 1965 The company was recognized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry as a company that contributes to exports.
January 1966 The company’s name was changed to Unofuku Sangyo Co.
The HQ was rebuilt and relocated to its contemporary location.
July 1970 Fukukichi Uno was appointed Chairman, and Kenjiro Uno was appointed President.
October 1973 Unofuku began import operations.
May 1985 A new three-story reinforced concrete office building was constructed.
May 1985 The company name was changed to Unohoku Co.
August 1993 A new automated warehouse and distribution center were completed and began operating with a capacity of 2,300 pallets.
December 1993 Unofuku capital increased to 40 million yen.
March 1995 Kenjiro Uno was appointed Chairman and Takaya Uno was appointed President.
October 1996 K'S, a bag for designers, received the Good Design Award.
January 2012 Unofuku received the "Image & Communication" award at the Mipel Bag Show in Milan, Italy.
April 2012 The Tokyo Office was opened in Asakusabashi, Taito-ku, Tokyo.
November 2012 Toyooka City recognized the production of bags made of eco-friendly materials as an "Environmental Economy Business".
November 2014 Unofuku received the "Good Design Award" as a participating company.
June 2019 A photovoltaic power generation system (83.5kW) was installed in the head office warehouse building.
March 2020 Unofuku invested in "JAPAN IS STYLE" in Annecy, France.
April 2021 Takaya Uno was appointed Chairman and Yuya Uno was appointed President.
March 2022 Unofuku pened the company’s flagsipi store "4U by UNOFUKU" in Ginza, Tokyo.